Our Founder

Our Founder

Driven to make what he couldn’t find on store shelves and an unmapped entry into the world of luxury fragrance, had the opportunity to have his creative vision realized.

With roots in the beauty business tracing over ten years, Jaan first established himself as a renowned international distributor for prestige beauty brands and then ventured to create a brand unlike anything he had seen.

With a nod to his background as a first-generation Indian American, the idea for Arkhelm was born from the rite of passage we all inevitably cross as we get older—Gyani sought a way to maintain his youthfulness and sustain overall well being. He intuitively turned to the Ayurvedic remedies of his heritage and upon realizing that what he was looking for was not yet on the market, Gyani decided to forge his own solution.

Arkhelm brings both a modern luxury point of view—minimalist, uncluttered, clean— and an authentic perspective to the healing rituals of Ayurveda. This is then underscored with a future-focused, conscientious emphasis on inclusivity and sustainability—curated with the lens of someone well traveled.

Informed by tradition but with an eye towards innovation, Gyani’s ambition with Arkhelm is to offer a fresh take on self-care that considers the unrelenting pace of modern life. Equal parts efficacious formulation and sophisticated design, he delivers an end result that both feels and looks good. His stylish interpretation of tradition honors his upbringing, while breaking the stigma that sees old-world remedies as inert or outdated.

Having lived in Los Angeles, New York, and currently based in Miami, Gyani endeavors at something real amidst the smoke and mirrors of the latest beauty trends. He reaches beyond the facade to give authentic, timeless insight into that which is most personal.