Meet Arkhelm

Meet Arkhelm

The power of science, the beauty of skin + self care

Arkhelm introduces to the beauty space a harmonious fusion of elements drawn from time-honored traditions, the wisdom of nature, and cutting-edge scientific innovation. We seamlessly weave the healing rituals of Ayurveda with a forward-thinking mindset, placing Arkhelm at the intersection of art and science, and crafted with intention.

Created by first-generation Indian American and proud New Yorker, Jaan Gyani, Arkhelm was born from the rite of passage we all inevitably cross as we get older—maintaining a healthy, youthful appearance while sustaining overall well being.

“Authenticity, integrity, and intention is at the core and ultimate goal of everything we aim to create- Jaan Gyani, Arkhelm Founder 


our name

arka (अक) + helm

Our name embodies what we hold dear: the profound wisdom of Ayurveda and the guidance of our ancestors. We believe that through both of these elements, we can alchemize potent plant adaptogens to create products rooted in longevity, which are supported through a community rooted in purpose.


our collection

For more than two years, we have dedicated ourselves to meticulously crafting our debut collection. This journey involved extensive research and development, as well as close collaboration with a pharmacist and team of Ayurveda experts in our lab. Each product in The Heritage Collection is vegan, effective, eco-friendly, and fully representative of the people who created it.


our vision

We're here to empower you to cultivate an inner oasis—helping you derive strength from confidence, and power from embracing your individuality.


our manifesto

We believe in the power of people: our collective ability to meaningfully take care of ourselves, each other, and the planet. Our biggest strengths lie in celebrating our individuality. That our varied experiences and perspective give us the ability to connect and grow—a strength that radiates outward.

We believe that there is much to learn from our ancestors; from the Earth; from science. We know that by honoring wisdom from the past and creating with an eye to the future, we can lay a foundation for a better, cleaner planet.